A Breakthrough in Imaging


For over 40 years, three cumbersome, expensive technologies have dominated the $50 billion / year internal imaging market: 

x-ray, MRI, and ultrasound.  

Spectrohm's radio-frequency technology will transform internal imaging by offering an alternative that is safe, rugged, smart, inexpensive, and innovative, with superior materials identification. 

Spectrohm Sees in Color


All materials have distinct electrical properties.  Spectrohm's technology uses radio waves to image those distinct properties, seeing each different material inside an object or person "in color."  

X-ray or ultrasound primarily measure degrees of density, seeing only in "shades of gray."  

Transforming Imaging Markets


Imagine the security of knowing people and packages are being thoroughly scanned, without the dangerous radiation of x-rays.

Imagine revolutionizing medicine on the front lines, letting non-specialists detect non-obvious but life-threatening internal injuries.

Imagine detecting subtle defects or early fatigue in non-destructive evaluation of industrial components and processes.

What Sets Spectrohm Apart?



 Spectrohm's technology generates images with no dangerous radiation or physical contact—just radio waves with less energy than a cell phone call. 



 Spectrohm's technology enables devices that are entirely electronic, with no moving parts or consumables, requiring only power comparable to that of a handheld radio.

Superior Materials Identification


 All non-conducting materials—called dielectrics—have distinct "colors" in radio light.  Spectrohm can map these "colors" to  specifically identify what a tissue or material is, differentiate among internal fluids, or detect material stress. 



  Spectrohm's superior materials identification enables standalone "smart" devices that could gather distinctly identifying data a non-specialist could immediately interpret. 



 Spectrohm's novel technology overcomes the technical barriers that have kept radio-frequency imaging from having broad practical application.



 Spectrohm's innovation is in the technique, not in specialized components. This enables inexpensive devices that could be broadly deployed. 

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