Inspect Identify Insight

at the Speed of Commerce.

Spectrohm delivers safe, high-speed inspection and material identification.

Spectrohm Identifies What’s Inside—Without Slowing You Down

Spectrohm is developing technology that can simultaneously image inside an object and identify what it’s made of while it moves on a high-speed conveyor, making comprehensive inspection at the speed of commerce a reality.

Learn more about the innovative technology at the heart of our startup that powers safe, cost-effective, and autonomous inspection.

What Sets Spectrohm Apart?

Inspect and Identify

Spectrohm is developing technology that not only images the shape of what’s inside—but also tells customers what the shape is made of. It’s the difference between just knowing it’s a liquid—or knowing it’s milk, gasoline, or water.

Speed and Reliability

Spectrohm’s technology enables devices that are entirely electronic, with no moving parts or consumables, capable of screening at the high speeds of automated commerce.

Safety and Autonomy

Spectrohm generates images with no dangerous radiation—just radio waves with less energy than a cell phone call. These non-ionizing radio waves do not require a human X-ray operator to ensure radiation safety, making the dream of high-speed autonomous threat identification a reality.

Reduced Costs

Spectrohm’s innovation is in its RF technique, not specialized components. This enables it to be broadly deployed. And because Spectrohm can operate autonomously, and without radiation, it significantly reduces the cost of inspection and identification.

Screen Everything

Spectrohm overcomes the barriers that have prevented 100% inspection and identification in high volume environments, and dramatically reduces delays associated with secondary inspection by “high-grading” items most likely to contain threats.

Empowering AI

AI is only as good as the data powering it. Spectrohm supercharges AI because its radio wave technology provides more identifying spectral data than traditional X-Ray or millimeter wave-based inspection.