Spectrohm’s technology is revolutionary—and highly cost effective.

Innovation That Powers Safe, Cost-Effective, and Autonomous Inspection.

Spectrohm is disrupting the security screening and inspection industry with technology that can both image and identify the contents of packages, mail, and other containers. The technology is completely safe, and its ability to both see shapes and also identify materials minimizes false alarms, and provides the high quality data needed to supercharge AI and machine learning software. This enables fully autonomous, high-speed inspection.

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Seeing in Color Identifies Materials

All materials have distinct electrical properties. Spectrohm’s patented radio wave technology can detect these tell-tale indicators. When combined with Spectrohm’s AI software, the result is like the difference between seeing in color and shades of gray—and a breakthrough for inspection, screening, and identification applications.

Package inspection of contents

Packages travel on existing conveyors through
Spectrohm’s sensors at operational speeds.

Patented sensors use radio waves to “see” contents in packages.

Our software uses radio light “colors” to identify what is inside.